Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here at this point in your journey with yoga.  Whether you’re looking to get started with yoga or have been practicing on and off for years, you found this page for a reason.

Maybe it’s because, like more people, you:

  • Feel sluggish or tired all the time
  • Are overwhelmed, anxious or “wound too tight”
  • Are dissatisfied or out-of-touch with your own body
  • Care for everyone else around you without ever taking time to focus on YOURSELF!

I can relate!  Before I found yoga, I was worn-out, stressed-out and burnt-out.  I struggled with panic attacks, headaches, and a general dissatisfaction upon arriving in the grown-up world and thinking “is this all there really is?”  Twenty years later I feel stronger, confident, energetic and more content than ever, because of yoga.

Yoga is not magic.  You know this if you’ve ever left a class feeling peaceful and relaxed, only to feel every muscle in your body tense up when you pull out into traffic.  Yoga works in increments.  Every time you practice you create new patterns in your body and mind.  For it to work, you must practice.


My aim to help you develop a safe, consistent yoga practice in the comfort of your home.

Let’s get started together now!  Start Here and I’ll see you on the mat!